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Sustainable Software Development Sustainable Software Development

This book describes the mind-set and practices required to create products that balance rapid releases with long-term sustainability and achieve both rich functionality and high quality. It is based on my work experience over the past 25+ years in the software industry.


If you have a copy of my book from the first print run, please note the following corrections. The first two are the ones I really wish I’d caught before the book was published since they significantly change the intended meaning!

  • p. 73, first paragraph: “…Defect prevention by contrast follows the code-and-fix mindset.”
  • p. 178: No “Broken Windows” should be a keystone practice.
  • p. xxv, last paragraph: “…same basic methodology that is used…” (remove extra commas around “that is”).
  • p. 2, third paragraph: “…where the more the team is able to improve…”.
  • p. 14, first paragraph: “…become death marches; customers, management, …” (insert missing semi-colon).
  • p. 69, in “Copy and Paste Porting” callout: “…especially when software is ported to a new…”.
  • p. 141, last paragraph: “…some problems will still require them, but…”.
  • p. 149, second paragraph: “…By making metrics visible, they…”.
  • p. 159, in the “Team Sports” callout: “…Great teams win because they’re persistent and disciplined, and they don’t let the peaks or the valleys of emotions affect them.”
  • p. 177: second paragraph in Keystone Species call-out: “…would cause the entire ecosystem to fall apart, …”.