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Kevin Tate   


I am a software development leader passionate about quality, innovation, kaizen, sustainable delivery of successful products, customer focus, and team culture. I have been fortunate in my career to work with a number of great teams and I have worked in various roles from programmer to chief product architect to manager to product manager. I have worked on products dealing with computer networking, 2D and 3D painting and sketching, 3D content creation, data translation, development infrastructure, and animation.

Paddling to get fresh water


I live with my wife, two daughters, and dog in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia. When we’re not out hiking, biking, canoeing, or backpacking I spend my time gardening or working around the house.

I am passionate about finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment and do as much as I can: I ride my bike as much as possible, drive a Prius Hybrid when I can’t ride, and am constantly looking for ways to save energy at work and home.