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ACEEE: “United Kingdom Tops in Energy Efficiency, U.S. Lags in 9th Place” (Canada Lags Further in 11th)

A recent report by the American Council for Energy Efficiency ranked twelve major economies on their energy efficiency. United Kingdom Germany Italy Japan France The European Union, Australia, China (tie) United States Brazil Canada Russia The report rated each economy on four measures (I’ve put Canada’s ratings in brackets): national effort (8th), buildings (11th), industry […]

Oil, Sustainability, and Our Wilderness

This past summer was a constant reminder to me that our use of oil is completely unsustainable.  It seems like most people go about their daily lives while not understanding or caring about the ramifications of the ongoing quest for oil.  We forget that oil is a finite resource, yet our demand for oil continues to […]

Wasting Resources, and Effort

How many times have you bought a pencil, only to find that the pencil’s eraser is incapable of actually erasing a pencil mark on a normal piece of paper – unless it does so by ripping a hole in the paper? This is a small but perfect example of why sustainable development is important. There […]

The 10% Challenge

I’m going to challenge my family that we reduce our energy usage by 10% every year. I think it’s easily achievable, and if every family in developed countries did the same we would be having some different conversations about energy usage and global warming. As I’ve mentioned before, the assumption that bothers me the most […]

It’s Time for an Alternative to Plastic Bags and Containers

There’s not enough awareness about the dangers of plastic bags and containers. Sure, most people know that animals often mistake them for food, and that plastic takes a long time to decompose in landfills. But we’ve got a big problem that is out of sight and hence out of mind. There is a plastic soup […]

Reducing Energy Waste

Instead of waiting for politicians to take action on greenhouse gas emissions, it’s worth considering that any solution is going to involve reducing the amount of energy we use.  One of the things that bothers me in political debates around greenhouse gas emissions is the assumption that our energy use is going to continue to […]