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My goal for this site is to spark discussion on sustainability, the ability to maintain a pace indefinitely, as it applies to both software development and the environment. The need for sustainability in these areas reflects my core beliefs for work and everyday life.

In software (my work), sustainable development means having a mindset that allows a software team to build great products that last, without burning out the team and being able to consistently outship the competition and wow customers.

In the environment (what I think about outside work), sustainable development means having a growing and thriving economy for people that is able to live side-by-side with our natural environment. Where each generation makes decisions that balance the short and long-term to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy a similar quality of life and natural surroundings.

I’ve been lucky in my career to experience sustainable software development a number of times and with different teams. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go in terms of sustainable development for the environment. My belief is that, in developed countries at least, we spend too much time waiting for and complaining about our governments when the reality there is so much we can do every day.